не проходите мимо

буквально на днях прочитал что джефф бэрроу считает себя "слишком старым" для дабстепа
будто бы полемизируя с ним massive attack говорят следующее

the dubstep thing is amazing, there’s a lot of really good people there ....
these kids are just amazing and we want to be part of that

и это только часть истории
остальная история - http://www.clashmusic.com/news/massive-attack-to-work-with-burial

и если заголовок новости не врет то похоже вот она сбыча мечт
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for those who look sharp (live smart)

мисс ким кейтер гордон - со-получательница сценарной награды
на только что отсверкавшей церемонии эмми

приз вручен за эпизод размышления во время кризиса
(разом и экзистенциального и карибского)

в прошлом сезоне - ассистентка важнейшего сценариста и шоураннера в городе (с)
сейчас - стафф райтер

звучит знакомо?
real-life пегги олсон как тут пишут

hyperdub's massive attack

hyperdub have finally revealed the full details of their forthcoming 5 compilation.

joker, martyn, cooly g, flying lotus, mala, ikonika and more are contributing
fresh material for the vinyl releases, and all of these tracks will be compiled on the first of 5's two cds.
some exclusive cuts will also be on the first disc's tracklist, with king midas sound and ikonika
offering new material, while the long-awaited minimal melodics of darkstar's "aidy's girl is a computer"
will finally see a release. that said, arguably the hottest talking point of the cd is the appearance
of the first new solo material from burial since his untrue album dropped in 2007. the second disc will
act as a "best of" selection, compiling tried-and-tested anthems from the likes of kode9, joker and zomby,
and will also mark the first time that burial's "south london boroughs" will be available on cd.(ra)

01. king midas sound - meltdown
02. kode9 & the spaceape - time patrol (ft. cha cha)
03. darkstar - aidy's girl's a computer
04. samiyam - roller skates
05. flying lotus - disco balls
06. black chow - purple smoke
07. burial - fostercare
08. cooly g - weekend fly
09. zomby - tarantula
10. martyn - mega drive generation
11. lv - turn away (ft. dandelion)
12. mala - level nine
13. ld - shake it
14. quarta 330 - bleeps from outer space
15. ikonika - sahara michael
16. joker & ginz - stash

01. kode9 - 9 samurai
02. burial - south london boroughs
03. kode9 & ld - bad
04. the bug - money honey remix (ft. warrior queen)
05. lv - globetrotting (ft. erol bellot)
06. burial - distant lights
07. kode9 & the spaceape - ghost town
08. kode9 & the spaceape - fukkaz
09. samiyam - return
10. darkstar - need you
11. zomby - spliff dub (rustie remix)
12. ikonika - please
13. zomby - kaliko
14. 2000f & j kamata - you don't know what love is
15. joker - digidesign
16. kode9 - 9 samurai (quarta 330 remix)

12" #1:
a. kode9 & the spaceape - time patrol (ft. cha cha)
b1. black chow – purple smoke
b2. flying lotus – disco balls

12" #2:
a. joker & ginz - stash
b1. zomby – tarantula
b2. samiyam – roller skates

12" #3:
a. quarta330 – bleeps from outer space
b. lv – turn away

12" #4:
a. martyn – mega drive generation
b. ld – shake it

12" #5:
a. mala – level nine
b. cooly g – weekend fly

hyperdub will release 5: five years of low end contagion on october 19th, 2009
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where the wild things are

the long-rumored, spike jonze-directed, kanye west-starring short film featuring west's song
"see you in my nightmares" now has an official release date: september 8 via iTunes,
according to jonze's blog. (that's if kanye doesn't leak it first)

- пишет нам вилка

а xlr8r анонсирует первый трек с новго уорповского диска хадсона мо

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